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Millennium, The

The Millennium represents the thousand year reign of the Kingdom of God. After the Judgement, this reign will be established. It is a time when strict adherence to the Will of God will be demanded. After all the evil that mankind had created has been completely destroyed in the Judgement, the remaining human beings will be required to keep absolutely to the Will of the Creator. It is a time of schooling for mankind when we will be taught how to adhere to the Laws. It will be impossible to deviate from this strict adherence as all disturbing elements will be relentlessly uprooted and cast off.

Before the commencement of this Millennium, however, everything must change in the Judgement. It is mankind’s volition which has destroyed material creation and we have shown through thousands of years that we would never voluntarily yield to the Will of God. The fact which stipulates that the will of man reigns supreme and rules in material creation will be suspended for a thousand years and only the Will of God will reign supreme to which all our wills must be subordinated so that at last peace may reign again.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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