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Natural laws

See also “Laws of God, the”.

These refer to the laws of nature. These are laws that we can all observe for ourselves and have often taken for granted. This is actually why they are called natural laws because they harmonize with our sense of what is normal and what makes sense.

For example, if we sow rice we expect to reap nothing but rice and so on. This is so proverbial that nobody gives it another thought. Everything seems to be subject to these natural laws. We all know about what happens to something if it is not in regular use; it degenerates and weakens. This is also so natural that we fail to pay more attention to these processes. These things happen because they are governed by laws which condition them without any deviation whatsoever.

What, however, we have failed to take into account is the fact that we human beings too are subject to these same laws, not only as far as our physical bodies are concerned but also in everything else, including that which we can no longer see.

These laws, being natural manifest in everything that is to be found in this Creation. They proceed from God hence their universal presence and effects. Therefore, these laws also take effect in all our thoughts, words and deeds. As a single seed of maize brings a multiple of seeds so a single thought attracts a multiple of similar thoughts.

We all know about gravity and this process we also take for granted but gravity only occurs and is universal because it is a law. If it was not a law it would not be so universal and a change in its nature would since have been noticed. These natural laws never change, they are immutable and perfect since they proceed from God.

These laws are the Laws of God which He put into Creation for the continuous development of the latter. They guard the order in the whole universe. It is therefore impossible to go against these Laws without at the same time harming oneself. To go against the Laws would be unnatural since these laws are the natural laws. It means to go against the order in the universe. These Laws would then be forced to do away with the offending persons in order to continue to maintain the order in the universe. We should see to it that we do not become cast out of Creation.

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