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Nature Beings

The nature beings or the elemental beings have been known to people since ancient times, many of us have become familiar with them and even today we still find many people who are convinced of their existence. What knowledge we have had about their activities has been only uncertain suppositions and guess work. These beings originate in the Animistic realm which is a special sphere of Creation concerned with bringing warmth and mobility into the material worlds since the latter lacks this warmth. Therefore, without the activity of the Animistic beings, the world of matter would be like a lifeless uninhabitable waste. In the formation of the world of matter of which the Ethereal and the Gross material worlds are part, the hands that shape the celestial bodies of which these worlds consists belong to these beings. All the elements for the formation of these celestial bodies are present but these elements have to be combined in different ways for these forms to appear and those who combine these elements are the elemental beings. Therefore, through their activities planets accrete, the stars are formed and so much else. The form of the Ethereal and Gross material worlds were given through the activities of these elemental beings. Thus we have a formed world, something which would not have been possible without these beings. All the planets, the stars and everything on them took on form through the activities of these elemental beings.

There are various kinds however, depending on what they concern themselves with. There are also great and small ones, depending on individual responsibilities. There are some that are concerned mainly with the formation of new planets and the maintenance of their orbits, while others are concerned with the formation of the weather, the movements of the oceans. There are some others that are more directly concerned with man on earth; for example those concerned with the formation of the forms of our thoughts and deeds. Others are concerned with our immediate environment such as those which concern themselves with the maintenance of our plants and crops, our rivers and streams and our soils. These have been variously recognised, and without their activities, life as we know it would not be a possibility. If they had failed in their duties like we human beings have continually failed, then our development would have been held back and there would have been no question of our being able to come here for our necessary maturing. They would have held us back like we now hold back true blossoming for the entire material Creation. We would still be spirit germs having the burning desire within to become self conscious but without the possibility of doing so because the world of matter would not have been prepared to receive us through the failure of the elemental beings to do their work. We today through our failure have held back many other creatures from becoming what they should become because this depends on the mediation of the human spirits. Just like we depend on the Animistic for our own blossoming, so do other creatures depend on human spirits for their blossoming and development.

What the animistic did not fail us we failed others, but in the process we harmed ourselves the most because through our activities we have held back true blossoming for ourselves. We are therefore the first to reap the consequences of our failures. It is really difficult for one to express in words how indeed dependent we are on the elemental beings. That would have to be left for each individual to experience for himself and gradually become convinced of. One picture is sufficient: we came with nothing into this earth, no means whatever for survival, yet we find everything ready-made and prepared, even the physical body was given to us only through the activities of these beings. In short, as human spirits we have nothing, everything we have has been given to us as a loan for the necessary maturing through the Grace and Will of God. top

The smaller elemental beings, just like everything else came into being only through the Grace and Will of God, Who have allowed them to come here and create a field of activity for themselves. This Will has also allowed us as human spirits to come here and form a field of activity for ourselves. The origin of the elemental beings have been described in great detail in the book “In the Light of Truth: The Grail Message”, it just suffices to say here that they become deposited on the several planes of matter to work in these planes according to their natures. Hence when they get to the earth, the different species which have been deposited concern themselves with the particular element for which they have been destined. Hence we have them specialising in the maintenance of the different elements of water, air, fire and earth. They originate from the ring of Animistic substantiality as the last precipitation thereof and are carried by animistic currents through the different planes of matter being deposited on each plane as these currents pass through. They therefore, also like the human spirits originate as germs. The particular plane on which they are retained is where they awaken and work. The groups of small elemental beings on earth are connected with higher ones in fine and medium gross matter and so on into the ethereal world, and so it goes on as if in a chain until this chain reaches the Animistic realm to the Lords of the Elements who in turn are connected even with more powerful groups in the Spiritual and Primordial Spiritual realms. Their activities therefore is controlled from above and the power of the whole flows through them in their work which as a result of this mirrors the perfection that is to be found in the Luminous Heights. top

Activities and Functions
If we human beings are to derive maximum benefit from our environments, it is clear that we must familiarise ourselves with those whose work it is to fashion this environment. If we are to understand Nature and to use what it has to offer for our benefit, then we must first learn from those who are custodians of it. If we are to understand the nature of fire and benefit from its applications, it is to the elemental beings which deal with it that we must turn and the same applies to the other elements

These beings possess the key to the exploitation of the forces of nature. We have to learn how to better our lives by the applications of these forces. We do not know the real purpose of the many elements of nature. If we did then the world would long since have been a different place. Our ignorance however, has not really made it possible to do anything useful with these forces. top

Higher Elemental Beings and the Lords of the Elements
The higher elemental beings include those who stand directly above the lower ones and as such control the activities of these. In the chain from above downwards, they stand next in line to those who are known to us directly on earth as the little elemental beings. They are mostly those which concern themselves with the upper lying realms of medium and fine gross matter, the ethereal realm and also the great elemental beings here on earth which concern themselves with the greater tasks such as the weather, the control of the climate and atmosphere; they also include the great elemental beings of the mountains such as the giants, the great ones of the oceans and so on. People in the olden times have been able to recognise several of these and their activities have to some extent being accurately described.

The Lords of the Elements are those which have been given different names by different peoples and their abode have also been identified, especially by the Greeks who call it Olympus and the Scandinavians who call it Valhalla. The Germanic peoples called the Lord of the Elements “Odin” or “Wotan”, the English called him “Woden”, while the Romans called him “Jupiter” and the Greeks “Zeus”. They all described the same elemental being who stands above the rest, but there are also others which stand side by side or below and which have been regarded as ‘gods’ and ‘goddesses’ and worshipped. They are associated with specific activities in Nature, for example we have “Thor” the ‘god’ of thunder, who is associated with weather changes. In Greek Mythology, the so called ‘gods’ and ‘goddesses’ have been divided according to function and the element they are associated with. Thus we have groups associated with fire, others with water, and so on. In Greek Mythology, the great ones including the ‘Lords’ are numbered as 21, but those who are regarded as Olympians (living on Olympus) are 12. top

The first and foremost is ‘Zeus’ who is regarded as ruler of the ‘gods’ and he is identical with ‘Jupiter’ of the Romans and ‘Odin’ or ‘Wotan of the Scandinavian and Germanic peoples respectively. These higher elemental beings, just like the lower ones have both male and female forms. They all have human forms however not the monsters which have been described in relation to the demons. The ‘gods’ and ‘goddesses’ are ranked according to powers and authority. Thus we have (1.) ‘Zeus’, the chief of the ‘gods’, (2.) His wife Hera, supposed queen of heaven and the guardian of marriage. (3.) Hephaestus, ‘god’ of fire and metal workers (4.) Athena,’goddess’ of wisdom and war (5.) Apollo, ‘god’ of light and poetry and music (6.) Artemis,’goddess’ of wildlife and moon (7.) Ares, ‘god’ of war. (8.) Aphrodite, ‘goddess’ of love. (9.) Hestia, ‘goddess’ of hearth. (10.) Hermes, messenger of the ‘gods’ and ruler of science and invention. All these are said to be associated with the Air. Those associated with the sea include Poseidon and his wife Amphitrite who lead a group of less powerful ‘gods’ like the Nereids and the Tritons. Associated with the earth is Demeter, the ‘goddess’ of agriculture. Dionysus was supposed to be the ‘god’ of wine and vegetation. In Scandinavian Mythology we have other ‘gods’ like Heimdall, Njord, the fertility ‘god’, and Ull who were recognised before ‘Odin’ or ‘Wotan’. Lesser ‘gods’ and ‘goddesses were known such as Balder, Hermod, Tyr, Bragi, Idun, Nannaand Sif. They greater ones include Thor, the ‘god’ of thunder; Frey, ‘god’ of prosperity; Freya,the fertility ‘goddess’; Frigg, ‘goddess’ of home who was the wife of Odin.

Scandinavian Mythology also elaborately describes the organisation of the home of the ‘Lords’ and higher elemental beings. Thus we have Asgard which is the abode of the ‘gods’. Asgard was divided in to twelve realms with each realm having its own principal ‘god’. The most important realm was Valhalla, which was the home of ‘Odin’ the chief of all the ‘gods’.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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