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All-powerful. This attribute is only reserved for the Creator. Since the Creator is also Power, then this appellation is apt. All creatures use the Power of God for their sustenance, which Power He could withdraw at will. He is the absolute Power that activates not only the material universe but also the entire Creation and more.

We must, however, be mindful of the way in which we use the Power of God. We use the Power of God in this or that direction which is specified by our free wills.

It is entirely left to us how we use this Power. However, we bear responsibility for the way in which this Power is used. If this Power is used to do good, then we reap such benefits as result from this. If, on the other hand, It is used to do evil, we must also reap whatever consequences arise from this. This Power is neutral and is there for all to use. In fact, as human beings, we cannot but use this Power, which is the motive force and raw material for all our activities, whether in thoughts, words or deeds. 

Omnipotence also means that even if we had the wings of the morning, it would not be possible for us to escape from His Justice. There is simply nowhere in Creation that can offer us refuge. Omnipotence does not mean arbitrarily going against firmly established laws. In fact, His Laws are a demonstration of His omnipotence. Once He had previously laid down these Laws, He does need to interfere at all in any matter. The Laws are perfect and as such all events in Creation are fulfilled in them.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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