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Christian festival of the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Disciples at Whitsuntide. This event is described as a one off, as something that had never happened before or since, hence an arbitrary act. But for those who are conversant with the workings of God and His Laws, it would be clear that God does not engage in arbitrary actions. Arbitrary actions are not necessary in the perfect comprehensiveness of the Laws of God. We should think ourselves deeply into this for once and we would be able to realise the truth. We see things only from our points of view and this diminishes our horizons.

God does not work in the ways that we men ascribe to Him. If the disciples had this experience on that particular day which indeed had never before been witnessed by the generality of mankind before or since, we should not take it as proof that it was a one off event and that that event had never happened before. What if one were to say that in fact this event occurs every year at a particular day and that we as human beings are the ones who have closed ourselves to this blessing?

The disciples through the psychic shocks they endured because of the events surrounding Jesus and His death had become inwardly open to finer currents. Living in the proximity of the Master and the shock of His death had so purified them that their inner being was prepared to consciously receive of this blessing.

It is the Power from the Holy Spirit which acts in this way and if we human beings had developed ourselves aright, we would also be in a position to experience the miraculous effect of this Power. The Power of the Holy Spirit, not perhaps the Holy Spirit Itself is poured out every year for the renewal of the entire Creation. It is the elixir of life for Creation and without It, Creation would soon dry up. This Power is poured out by the Holy Spirit so that all the rings of Creation might continue to exist, and that the creatures on all the planes might receive this power for their sustenance and activities.

Jesus knew about this and told the disciples to go on this very day and wait for this Power which He knew that the disciples would need for their activities on earth among the people. Therefore, it was not as if the Power was specially poured forth on this day because that would be an arbitrary action but that the Power would have been poured forth anyway, only this time the disciples were able to consciously open themselves to It. Jesus as the Son of God knew about this and knew that His disciples were now ready to receive of this Power and that they were open inwardly enough for It.

The Power from the Holy Spirit is absolutely vital for anyone who wants to work for the Light and indeed for anyone at all as we would be nothing without It. It is now imperative that we all consciously receive and experience the descent of this Power. Hitherto we had kept this Power from penetrating deep into our spirits by walling it off with the intellect. As a result, our spirits vegetate and in most of us our spirits are actually asleep.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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