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God is Power. Power, like Life or Light is altogether independent and lies in God alone. The Power of God manifests in His Radiation which as Light is automatic and is a natural consequence of the fact that Light radiates. This Power of God is to be found everywhere in Creation, not perhaps God Himself, for He stands far above it. God’s Power is Spirit. And it is this Spirit which permeates the whole of Creation.

It is this Power of God that emanates, or is poured forth into the entire Creation at the Festival of Whitsuntide once a year. All creatures use this Power for their activities. Plants use It, animals use It, all according to their natures, including the elemental beings and so forth.

As human beings, we also use this Power for our activities. What are our activities, however? These are our thoughts, words and deeds. We collect of the Power of God with our intuitions and give direction to this Power through this intuition. Depending on what the intuition is, the form shapes itself. We therefore use the Power of God to shape forms which corresponds to the nature of our volitions.

The direction that we give to this Power is inherent in our free wills. Other creatures also use of this Power but they can only give this Power only one direction; that which corresponds to the Will of God because these creatures lack free will. Humans, however, because of the presence of the free will are able to decide in which direction this Power goes. This free will also automatically obliges us to bear responsibility as to how we use this Power. The latter is neutral and its direction rests with the human spirit.

Because this is the Power of God, we as human spirits can achieve unbelievable things in this Creation as we are working with the highest Power, but we can also do incalculable damage if this Power is led in the wrong direction. This would explain the unbelievable chaos we have today, as the Power of God has been wrongly led. It must exert a terrible revenge as the free will of man has used this Power for all the wrong purposes. All evil therefore arose through the wrong use of this Power.

As things are, all the radiations of this Power are jumbled together and entangled and twisted because they have gone in the wrong direction. One day the radiations of this Power would have to free themselves from the wrong channels to which human beings have led It. The effect must be catastrophic. It would lead to disruption in all human affairs and severe disturbances in Nature and so on since this Power has been misused in every circumstance. If we do not want to be torn away when this happens, we should try and adjust our volitions in such a way that we use this Power only for the good through the exercise of our intuitions.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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