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Prayer should come from the intuition. That way, there need not be words. The latter tends to diminish the power of prayers. Prayers that arise from the intuition are able to rise above the common place due to their purity. Words may indicate a direction but they are often not necessary.

The purity of a prayer when it arises from the intuition is therefore the decisive factor as to whether it rises above. Prayers have forms, which go to homogenous centres in the Beyond, and solutions or answers flow back retroactively to those who prayed.

Prayers should only be said when there is a real need, otherwise it would be difficult to arouse the kind of intuitive perception needed to give the prayer the impetus it needs. Real need liberates, even if it is for a moment, that purity of the intuition needed to make a prayer rise upwards to the Creator. We should therefore, only endeavour to pray when we really feel like it.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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