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Many things appear to be predestined. There is indeed predestination, but this is not to say that our fates are determined by anyone other than ourselves. The reason for predestination is quite simple. Decisions that human beings make are like railway channels. They are nothing but paths along which are volitions travel. Every decision has a definite consequence and end depending on that volition. At the end of the track are the consequences of our volitions, which we must receive as just consequences of those decisions.

The consequences, hence the end of every decision can be seen by God. Every decision, whether individual or collective are seen by Him and He can also immediately see the consequences of these decisions. This is the basis of prophecies, whereby He can warn us of the terrible consequences of our decisions and advice us to change our ways in time before we are overtaken by these consequences. The growth and development of the consequences of the decisions of men are determined by the Laws of Creation. If a man sows wheat, then of course it is obvious that he must indeed reap wheat.

Therefore, when we receive back the consequences of our actions, we say that our fates are determined, forgetting that we had previously put the seeds for these consequences in Creation. It is of no consequence if we are ignorant of the Laws of Reaping and Sowing. We could learn about them. It is our duty to come to know the Laws of this Creation. If we do not know them, then we have ourselves to blame.

There is a Christian doctrine of predestination which talks about the special guidance by God of those who are destined for salvation. It is true that there is guidance for all human beings. There are also those who are destined for salvation but only in the sense of their having previously fulfilled conditions which make this possible. These are people who have always obeyed the Laws of God but not in a pharisaical way, but in a simple, humble always-looking-upwards to the Creator way. Their spiritual works by virtue of being lighter and brighter then automatically guarantees entrance into the Light. These people may not even be aware of all these while on earth.

It is all a question of doing the Will of God, not just paying lip-service to it. Only God knows who will be saved and nobody is predestined in a manner generally understood in terms of being guaranteed, which will now allow the individual to fall asleep spiritually, deluding himself that as long as he has declared his faith in Christ, he is saved. It is the humble devotion to our neighbours and our continuous humble supplication to the Almighty and the working hard within to uproot spiritual arrogance that can perhaps allow the Almighty to offer us undeserved Grace.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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