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See also “Predestination”.

What is a prophecy? A prophecy is an event, a happening that gives us a foreknowledge of what may likely happen to others, or to us, whether good or bad. The course of events can be seen for every individual and for humanity as a whole once the free will has been used to make a decision. The course of events, the consequences of the decision taken can be seen to the end, and as such these consequences can be shown to human beings who are open to such things either in the form of dreams or visions.

Many of us would have dreamt or seen visions of events which later come true or not. The nature of these dreams or visions and their contents relate to the nature of the person concerned. It is related to how the individual stands spiritually at that particular moment. The course of his life, the kind of person he is, and the way he lives his life at that moment has brought about the content of the dream. If he does not change in his basic attitude, the dream will come true for him.

It is like what is about to hit him in the manner of fate has been seen by him or someone else, and it is a warning for him to change his attitude. In this case of course one is only referring to what may be called “unfavourable” visions. This should make him reflect and change for the better, but if he does not, then the dream or vision will come true for him. So there is nothing definite about dreams or visions, it is not that they must happen. They are dependent entirely on our attitudes. In the same way, a good dream or vision may not come true if we change our attitudes i.e. if we become evil.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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