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Purity is a Divine attribute. No human spirit can claim to have Purity. What we have however, is a spiritual reflection of this Divine attribute which is faithfulness. This is therefore Purity for the human spirit. The human spirit who is faithful to the Laws of God, that is, obeys these Laws in all that they demand of him will achieve purity in his thoughts, words and deeds as a matter of course. This purity that he has achieved emerges from him and forever connects him with that same purity which characterizes Paradise, his home. On his departure from the earth, he is then attracted on high to places in the Beyond corresponding to the purity of his being.

A faithful person is therefore a man of faith, which indeed is the highest achievement for the human spirit. Faith is the embodiment and crowning achievement for his being. It is the culmination of all his experiences which finally gives him the self-consciousness, which is his goal and purpose of life.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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