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The concept of repeated earth-lives. Repeated earth-lives are necessary because it is not possible to complete our development in just one earth life. The purpose of life is to achieve spiritual perfection. This perfection requires the awakening of abilities still in the rudimentary state. This is never possible with one earth life. In addition, we incarnate and burden ourselves with guilt which must be expiated here thereby making reincarnation an absolute necessity.

The teaching of reincarnation is universal with all indigenous peoples, even in Europe before the advent of Christianity. This is indeed the natural thing and proves the correctness of this teaching. This universality is proof that this teaching must be correct because it arose independently and naturally among all peoples. Unless of course we are to reach the absurd conclusion that the peoples conspired with each other to invent this.

We must remember that this teaching and so much else, for example, the belief in gods and goddesses came into being when each tribe thought they were the only ones existing on earth and before the advent of explorations and so on. So there was virtually no means of inter-cultural exchange among the peoples.

It is then impossible to explain how it was that they developed the same beliefs independently unless we accept that they took it from the natural environment which would prove that these beliefs were natural and not against the Will of God, since what is natural can never be wrong.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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