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Religion is the development of an organization based on the teaching of a Truth-bringer. It would not be so bad if the leaders who emerged after the passing away of their original leader did not concentrate mainly in the increase of the number of their adherents. This aim has often led to doctrines designed to appeal and attract people. The ultimate aim has been earthly expansion and influence. In this way, the spiritual focus, which every religion should have is lost and because of these introduced concepts, which are often deliberately introduced to attract people, many are led spiritually astray. Thereby these organizations often achieve the very opposite of what the bringer of Truth stood for, which is the spiritual emancipation of mankind.

Religion has often led people to believe that the human being needed it in order for it to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. In this manner, they could control the lives of the people and often had the power of life and death over large numbers of people. This view is, however, false. Mankind does not need an intermediary to the Kingdom of God. He already comes equipped with all he needs in the way of his intuition which allows him to produce works of a spiritual nature, which connects him for all time to the purity which animates Paradise, in the nearness of God.

If this gift of the intuition is kept pure, then he has all the connection he needs and all the equipment he needs to communicate with his Creator. It is this instrument that he needs for his prayers and indeed everything. It is also through this instrument that he receives all the help that God offers to His creatures. As long as he keeps this implement pure through the exercise of good volition, he is safe.

This is what organised religion should have taught mankind. Teaching them to be free in the worship of God through the activity of their spirits. Instead, they bound human beings to themselves. Thrusting themselves between man and God. God created man without organised religion and it is difficult to see how these organizations could suddenly see themselves as mediators.

It is even sacrilegious and was done mainly for earthly purposes. They claim to be the people who could best interpret the Scriptures, but personal interpretations and understanding of the Scriptures by the individual is what matters. The human being stands alone before the Judgment of God without any intermediaries and much will be demanded of him and he will not be able to cite or refer to any organized religion when the time comes. For this reason, it is high time for the individual to wake up and begin to scrutinise matters for himself, as this is the only way that will be spiritually of benefit to him

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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