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See also “Free Will”.

It is impossible to regard someone as responsible if that individual has not at the same time been entrusted with a particular office or gifts or talents. One cannot be accounted responsible for anything unless previously that person had been given something for which he is to be responsible for.

As far as human spirits are concerned, what makes us responsible is the possession of the enormous gift of the free will. This gives us freedom to choose our paths with Creation, but also naturally burdens us with the responsibility of accounting for the way this gift is used.

The greater the gift, the greater the responsibility. The gift of free will is an especially high one since no other creature in Subsequent Creation has this gift, then the responsibility correspondingly is especially great. More so that we as human spirits, because of our special nature are in a position to use the Power of God for our activities. In other words, we have direct access to this Power through this gift of the free will.

This makes the responsibility immeasurably greater. The Power of God is the highest there is and as human spirits we are entrusted to use this highest Power. We therefore then must account for the way in which this Power is used, since as mentioned above, it is an especially high grace to be allowed to use this Power. With the privilege of being allowed to use this Power of God also comes the immense responsibility to use is wisely and for the good.

So we can never evade responsibility because the gifts bestowed on human spirits are enormous. As mentioned above, with gifts and talents come responsibility.

How have we used are free wills and the Power of God so far, however? The answer to that is there for all to see. Instead of using this highest Power to uplift this part of Creation so that it begins to resemble Paradise in its beauty, we have used it for selfish purposes, bringing only suffering and disaster. All this we bear responsibility for and must account for when the time comes.

All the disasters we see before us today is the result of the way we have used our special gifts in the wrong direction, creating nothing but evil and suffering. Our responsibility is indeed great before the Creator.

Let us make a fresh start by understanding these gifts and learn to use them for the specific purpose they were given.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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