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The Lord has already said that “Vengeance is Mine; I will repay”. In spite of this, however, many of us still find ourselves in a position where we would like nothing better that to take revenge for some wrong or the other.

For those who are believers, let it be said that that act of revenge will be seen just as another evil act and will be dealt with accordingly by the Laws of Creation. We will have to atone for this act of revenge even if in our own minds we were so to speak “paying back” the evil we have been done by someone else.

What we must realize is that there are Laws in this Creation. We really have to allow this concept to sink into our consciousness. We have up until now allowed ourselves to think only of earthly laws. This is what we recognize and what we believe to exist. We have never until now thought that there are actually other laws which are far more effective in meting out punishment.

This concept of the Laws of God is actually new to this humanity and it will take some time to get used to this fact and turn it into an everyday thought and reality. Nobody has ever bothered to investigate the Laws of God and in our religious instructions we were never taught.

This deficiency is a tragedy because what we now have is an overwhelming consciousness of the presence of earthly laws written by human beings but an utter lack of awareness of the more important Laws of God. It is this deficiency that lies at the root of “wanting to take revenge” or “pay back an eye for an eye”.

The Laws of God are responsible for meting out reward and punishment for all actions no matter what they are and no matter how small. Once we become aware of this fact then it would be easier for us to let go of the desire to have revenge and to know that the Laws of God will take their course in any case and give to that offending individual what he or she deserves.

What is most important is to hammer the idea into ourselves that there are actually Laws in this Creation, even though they may be unseen. The effects, however, are there for all to see in all human affairs if we look carefully for these.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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