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Salvation lies in the adherence to the Laws of God. Nothing else can lead to Salvation. Obedience to His Laws is the only way. This obedience ensures that we are always on the right path, which leads to the longed-for Height. Deviation from this can only lead downwards, whereby Salvation can never be attained.

Only adherence to the Word can lead to Salvation. Jesus embodied this Word and as such adherence to this Word or Teaching of Jesus would lead to Salvation, and this is the reason for His declaring that He was the Way and the Life and that no man cometh unto the Father but through Him. Since He is the Word Incarnate, indeed no man could come towards God but through the Word which He embodied. Adherence to the Word that Jesus represented would lead to Salvation.

Jesus did not just offer His Teaching. He is this Teaching. In this also lies the deep meaning of the Last Supper. In giving His Word or Teaching, He gave us a Source of Knowledge from which we could forever tap without this being exhausted.

Even those who are not Christians, as long as they thought and acted in ways which are in complete accordance with the sense of the Message of Jesus would also find Salvation. Jesus is the Son of God and as such embodies the Truth that is to be found in all other religions and one has often found people who really live in complete accordance with the Christ principle though they may not be aware of His Teaching on earth.

It surely cannot occur to us that these people would be exempt from Salvation. We must, however, be certain what the true Words of Jesus are and be wary of accepting the often contradictory statements in some of the books of the Gospels and also the contemporary interpretation of these.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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