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Science has its role to play in the spiritual development of mankind. It has, however, not found the right form of expression. It still relies too heavily on the intellect, which will never show the way to spiritual knowledge or freedom. So at the present time science is actually counterproductive and an enemy of the spirit in so far as it remains bound to the dying form. It will never be able to help human spirits ascend in this way. When finally it accepts and acknowledges the existence of spirit, it will be a very valuable asset.

It even denies the existence of spirit and wants to prove its existence in the laboratory. This is, however, nothing but the arrogance of the intellect, which has reached its limit of understanding and wants to drag everything down to its level because it can never rise to the level of the spirit. As such, in order to understand spirit it wants to drag it down to its own level. This, however, is impossible as the spirit lies at the summit of Creation.

Therefore, those who try to understand Creation will have to use an implement which goes beyond the earthly because Creation has its origin from far beyond this earth. This is why there is so much that is illogical in science today. As soon as it uses the right implement, the whole of Creation will lie spread out before us in all its simplicity and glory, devoid of all the vainglorious language designed by the intellectuals in order to mystify the public and as a result really hide the fact that they are ignorant.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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