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Second death, The

The risk that we run as human beings when we fail to adhere to the Laws of God is to be unable to find our ways back to the Paradise which we left as unconscious human spirits long ago. In developing self-consciousness, many of us have developed our abilities in the wrong direction. What this means is that we had in the course of our sojourn here acquired other abilities in addition to the God-given abilities inherent in us. In fact, we neglect the development of these God-given abilities and concentrate upon developing abilities or characteristics introduced into Creation through the activities of Lucifer.

People who have followed on this road have developed their personalities in the wrong direction. These wrong abilities of Lucifer cannot really be useful in the upbuilding of Creation that must now set in. Indeed, we have too often experienced the consequences of the development of such abilities. It has led to greed, hatred, acquisitiveness and so on and so forth. Therefore, those with these abilities will no longer be able to continue to exist in the future. In the final Judgment, these abilities, being useless for any upbuilding in this Creation will be torn down and these people will then cease to be. They will lose whatever self-consciousness they had acquired through thousands of years of development.

The God-given abilities which they had ignored and which they never developed and which is inherent in their spirit will return to the Spiritual realm in an unfulfilled, undeveloped state. Therefore, these people, instead of returning to Paradise as self-conscious human spirits return just like they left millennia ago, as spirit germs. The process of being torn down, however, involves the most agonising pain of the soul to these people and it is the intensity of this suffering that must make them lose consciousness and then cease to be. It is very much like what happens to people on earth when the most severe pain leads to a loss of consciousness.

This is then the second death. The death of the personality. He is erased from the Book of Life. His name is removed from the list of those who had already come to life in this Creation. He ceases to exist. Whereas those who have followed the right way will continue to live forever as eternal contributors to the joys of Creation.

The first death therefore is that of the physical body which we all go through but the second death is not a universal experience. It is reserved for those who have been found to have nothing within them that can be used for an upbuilding in this Creation. It would have been determined that these people have nothing to contribute to the peace of Creation. As such, they have been deemed useless and are destroyed. We should see to it that this never happens to us.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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