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Sectarians are often rigid, regarding others with suspicion and rejecting any new knowledge that comes their way. They believe that they alone have the absolute truth. This view is often dangerous for them and allows them to miss the last opportunity for Salvation. It is imperative for the human being to always be on the lookout in his intuitive perception for the further development of his knowledge, otherwise he runs the risk of missing any real knowledge that might save him.

It is obvious that the present religious knowledge cannot be considered as being enough for the full ascent of the human spirit. There are simply too many unanswered questions. These questions must indeed be answered before a meaningful life can really be led. It is impossible to go far in the Beyond or the After-life with half knowledge or the wrong knowledge. One reaches a point where one simply cannot go any further, and not even the most ardent faith can help here. It is knowledge that shows us exactly the path that must be trodden.

Therefore, to assume that one already has all the knowledge and then close oneself to the possibility of an expansion of knowledge is like declaring to the Laws of Creation that one does not want to progress any longer in this Creation. Creation must indeed cast such a person out, because he becomes a disturbing and dangerous element causing harm wherever he goes.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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