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See also “Guilt”.

To sin is to transgress against the Will of God. It is to do something which goes contrary to what the Lord wants and dictates for His Creation. It lies deep within the intuitive perception and often results from misusing the Power of God for evil and unclean purposes.

Sin therefore results in guilt which is often a perceptible feeling of heaviness in those who are sensitive enough. To be free from sin is to come to know all the Laws in Creation and obey them in all their manifestations. This way one becomes knowing, thereby avoiding the road that lead to sin (transgression).

Sin eventually can lead to eternal damnation if not dealt with early enough. It prevents those who are thus burdened from rising beyond the material creation, holding them fast here and exposing them to the dangers of becoming disintegrated with matter when the time comes for the latter to go through this process, which is natural in matter.

Therefore, we all have to be on the look out and make the effort to free ourselves from sin in time.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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