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Son of God, The

See also “Jesus”.

A Son of God means a Part out of God. This must not be looked at in the earthly sense whereby the concept of ‘son’ is entirely different. As far as God is concerned, His Son is a Part of Him, with the same Essence. Jesus is the Son of God because He was severed from God and incarnated on earth for a specific Mission which was to bring the Word of God to mankind for their salvation. He is the Love of God extended to mankind through this Incarnation.

Another attribute of God is Justice. Now this Justice is also a Part out of God, just like Jesus and it is this Justice Who will be responsible for the Judgement. He is also a Son of God and has hitherto been referred to as the Holy Spirit. He is also a Son of God possessing different attributes from Jesus. He is the Son of Man. This is therefore the Holy Trinity together with the Father.

God will never reveal Himself to us in any other form than these two Sons Who are His representatives in Creation and in everything pertaining to Him.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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