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The Power of God is Spirit but this really goes far beyond the human capacity to fully comprehend. We will confine ourselves to Creation and say that aside from the fact that the essence of the human being is spirit, the entire Creation is actually permeated by spirit. Spirit is energy. After the last of human spirit germs had formed themselves in the Spiritual realm, there remained still in this realm a wave of spiritual radiation at its lowest boundary.

Because the human spirit, like many other creatures needed a lower-lying realm for their development, this realm, through the Love of God was allowed to be formed. It was, however, not a question of the accidental coming into being of material Creation like the scientists would like us to believe, but a well-ordered event carried out under the Will of God through the elemental beings.

The raw material for the forming of the entire material Creation derived from the spiritual radiation mentioned above. This radiation streamed beyond the boundary of the spiritual realm into lower lying realms, first through the animistic, and then successively through the Ethereal and Gross material worlds. In passing through the Animistic realm, this radiation was broken down into small particles called spirit motes. These particles, just like the human spirits took up the covering of animistic and then successively the coverings of the Ethereal and Gross material worlds. The core, however remained, spirit. These are then the elementary particles used by the elemental beings in the formation of everything in material Creation; the planets and everything on them even our physical bodies.

This is the atom that we have come to know, with their cores of nuclei and the surrounding electrons and so on. Therefore, trapped within each atom is a core of energy, which is spirit. Is it then surprising that the fission of atoms leads to the release of large amounts of energy with devastating consequences? With atomic fission, we release spiritual power on earth. The effect indeed must be devastating if not properly harnessed.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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