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Spiritual perfection

See also “Perfection”.

This is the ultimate goal of the human spirit. He was created as unconscious of self because the abilities he carried within himself were undeveloped. His goal and duty is to develop these abilities to perfection. This he will achieve if he follows the path laid down for him through Creation for this purpose.

The conditions in material Creation are so ordered that they lead and help him in the achievement of this goal. It is therefore his duty to follow this path if he is to fulfil his destiny. He first must learn to know this path before he can follow it. This is where he has always failed, however. He refused to follow the path that would guarantee him perfection, thinking that he could carve out this path for himself.

This delusion arose out of his intellectual arrogance, thinking that he knew more that God. Today, however, he is at the end of his strength. Confused and lost and would have to be eliminated and erased from the Book of Life if he does not laboriously retrieve what he cast away from him so long ago. He must once more become humble and acknowledge that he had followed a wrong path which will never lead him to his destined goal.

He has no choice in the matter. He must do it or he would have to be cast out as a useless creature.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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