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Spiritually dead

To be spiritually dead is nothing other than to be spiritually deaf, blind and dumb. It means the individual is dead to all the spiritual happenings around him, completely unable to make any sense of them. Such a one will never be able to recognize the Word or the Bringer of this Word.

It means that the individual’s spirit is completely asleep in the physical body, moving towards disintegration. Only the most terrible of physical and psychic shocks can perhaps still awaken such a one to spiritual awareness. Unfortunately many of us are already in such a state, completely unable to understand what spirit means or what is meant to be spiritually active.

The psychic and physical shocks that assail such people are way to help them awaken before spiritual disintegration finally takes over. To be spiritual dead therefore means to be dead to spiritual happenings or teachings and it is the prelude to eternal spiritual death whereby one’s name is erased from the Book of Life.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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