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Thought forms

See also “Fate”  and “Destiny”  and “Atonement”.

Whenever we think or intuitively perceive or speak or even act, the essence of that particular volition is embodied in a form that corresponds exactly to the nature of the intuitive volition, speech, action and so on. Whatever we feel strongly within is embodied in a form that corresponds to the nature of the feeling.

Therefore, if we feel love or hatred, forms are fashioned through the activity of the elemental beings which bear expression to the nature of the feeling. Through this, myriads of forms have come into being through the activity of human beings in their thoughts and so on.

In fact, the human spirit cannot but fashion forms. He works and lives through the creation of forms. It is inherent in the nature of the human sprit to fashion forms and it is an activity he cannot avoid. When forming forms, he uses the afore-mentioned Power of God for this purpose. This Power is the driving force and raw material for his forms. Through his gift of free will he is able to collect of this Power and give it specific direction.

It is up to the human spirit to use this Power for whatever purpose but he cannot evade the responsibility for the way the Power is used. Hence we fashion forms which embody the nature of our feeling giving rise forms of hatred, envy, lust and so on.

These forms heavily populate the nearer surroundings of this earth and have grouped themselves into centres through mutual attraction. Hence thought-forms of hatred find each other and group together and the same happens for those of envy and so forth. Through this, huge centres have arisen to which human beings are connected.

Each human being is connected to his thought-form since it is his creation and through this he is also connected to these above-mentioned thought centres. From these centres he is constantly receiving reinforcement and strength to continue to produce similar thought-forms.

Additionally these thought-forms are able sometimes to act independently and influence people with weak ethereal defences and also others with similar tendencies. Hence thought-forms of hatred can influence groups of people if they find homogeneity among them goading them to commit heinous crimes which otherwise they would not commit. The cause of many a crime can be traced back to the thought-forms that are able to influence people to commit these deeds.

So thought-forms are real and they are our creations and we will account for every single one of them. We should therefore see to it that we open ourselves to radiations of love that allows us to produce good thoughts which will go a long way in helping us in our spiritual ascent.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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