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Transfiguration of Christ, The

See also “Death of Jesus” and “Resurrection of Jesus”.

If we are referring to the transfiguration of Jesus as He was seen by some of His disciples before His death, then this refers to the penetration of Divine Light through Him that It even shows through the physical body. It is possible, especially with Divine Beings for the radiation they bear within to be so strong that it shows though all the bodies or garments that they are forced to put on on account of their incarnations.

The core of Light bursts forth and penetrates through all the coverings so that it can be seen physically. This is especially so with Jesus because of His quick transitions through the material realms on His descent which did not allow Him to absorb too much of the coverings of these realms. His ethereal and spiritual garments consequently remained thin allowing the Divine Core to show through more easily than would have been the case.

This had the disadvantage that on earth where the darkness holds sway, His luminous core is more easily opposed, exposing Him to hostility and senseless hatred by the agents of darkness.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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