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Truth, The

Truth as a concept refers only to God. God is Truth. Aside from the fact that the Truth emanates from God, He is also the Truth. It emanates from Him as His Word. Christ once brought this Word in Its pure form to this earth, therefore He brought the Truth. Those who were clairvoyant could see the radiating Cross at the back of Jesus. This Cross is the Symbol of Truth and wherever Truth is, It will be found.

Since Jesus embodied the Truth and in fact was the Truth Incarnate, then ascent to God could only be achieved through Him. Through the Truth that He brought. Through the strict adherence to this Truth. As mentioned before, this Truth also embodies the Truth in other religions and those who live according to this Christ-principle will be guided in such a way that in the end they will discover this Truth. Hence Salvation is not limited to those who belong to the Christian faith.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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